Fundamentals of Liquibase (LB101)

For users who may be new to Liquibase or those who are interested in learning about the core functionality of the tool to track, manage, and deploy database changes. Learn about the most commonly used commands, Liquibase best practices, and a walkthrough of a typical developer workflow using Liquibase.

Estimated time for completion: 45 minutes.

  • Welcome
  • Welcome to the Fundamentals of Liquibase Course
  • Learning Environment
  • Liquibase Help Resources
  • What is Liquibase?
  • Why Liquibase is Used
  • How Liquibase Works
  • How Liquibase Works
  • How Liquibase Works
  • Liquibase Properties File
  • Working with Command Parameters
  • Connecting to the Database
  • How Liquibase Works Knowledge Check
  • Working with Liquibase
  • Working with Liquibase Changelogs Animated Video
  • Working with Liquibase Changelogs
  • Working with Liquibase Changesets Animated Video
  • Working with Liquibase Changesets
  • Creating a Formatted SQL Changelog
  • Demonstrating How to Create a Formatted SQL Changelog
  • Creating an XML Changelog
  • Demonstrating How to Create an XML Changelog
  • Liquibase and Source Control Animated Video
  • Liquibase and Source Control
  • Working with Liquibase Knowledge Check
  • Liquibase Core Commands
  • Liquibase Core Commands
  • Liquibase Update Commands
  • Database Status Commands
  • Database Rollback Commands Animated Video
  • Database Rollback Commands
  • Demonstrating the Rollback Commands
  • Database Diff Commands Animated Video
  • Database Diff Commands
  • Demonstrating the Diff Commands
  • Database Snapshot Commands
  • Liquibase Core Commands Practice Exercise. Run the Update and History Commands
  • Liquibase Core Commands Knowledge Check
  • The Liquibase Developer Workflow
  • Standard Liquibase Developer Workflow
  • Workflow Step 1 - Adding a Changeset to the Changelog
  • Workflow Step 2 - Run the Liquibase Update Command
  • Workflow Step 3 - Verify the Results of your Database Update
  • Workflow Step 4 - Saving your Changelog to Source Control
  • Demonstrating the Developer Workflow
  • Liquibase Developer Workflow Knowledge Check
  • Liquibase Best Practices
  • Organize your Changelogs
  • Add Comments to Changesets
  • Specify One Change per Changeset
  • Create a Rollback Strategy
  • Define the Changeset ID Format
  • Enhance your Database Security
  • Managing Data with Liquibase
  • Liquibase Best Practices Knowledge Check
  • Course Survey
  • LBF101 Fundamentals of Liquibase Course Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever