Liquibase and the CI/CD Process (LB202)

For users who wish to learn the basics of using Liquibase in CI/CD automation. Topics include a review of DevOps, an overview of source control, database testing, and using Liquibase in multiple environments in a CI/CD pipeline.

  • Welcome
  • Welcome to Liquibase and the CI/CD Process Course
  • Technical Environment
  • Learner Knowledge
  • Liquibase Help Resources
  • Introduction to CI/CD
  • The DevOps Lifecycle
  • Overview of the Database CI/CD Pipeline Video
  • The Database CI/CD Pipeline Overview
  • Core Concepts of CI/CD
  • Benefits of CI/CD for the Database
  • How Liquibase Automates Database Changes
  • Knowledge Check
  • Liquibase and Source Control
  • Liquibase and Source Control
  • Source Control Management
  • Source Control Best Practices
  • Branching
  • Applying Database Changes in a Team Environment
  • Knowledge Check
  • Database Testing for a Liquibase Build Environment
  • Database Testing Overview Video
  • Why Database Testing Matters
  • Types of Database Testing
  • Determining Test Types and Methods
  • Multiple Test Environments and Liquibase
  • Creating a Test Build Profile
  • Running Liquibase for a Test Profile
  • Validating Liquibase for a Test Profile
  • Knowledge Check
  • Embedding Liquibase into an Automation Process
  • Database Change Management in a CI/CD Pipeline
  • Structuring your Source Code Repository for Liquibase
  • Liquibase in the CI/CD Process Video
  • Liquibase in the CI/CD Process
  • The CI/CD Tool Stack and Liquibase
  • Knowledge Check
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever